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Matthew Plummer-Fernandez - in residence with Fluxaxis

York City Centre (Various locations)
Thursday 27 September – Saturday 6 October 2018

As part of a 6-month residency, British-Columbian artist Matthew Plummer Fernandez will be producing a brand new digitally-fabricated commission alongside local manufacturers based at Fluxaxis, the new 3D printing startup launched by Stage One in 2017.

Plummer Fernandez specialises in digitally created works, internet art and installations, producing works which reflect on the contemporary entanglements between people and the technologies that they use in everyday life, exploiting humour, chance and engagement.

The project marks the first time that Fluxaxis have collaborated with an artist in this way, demonstrating the intersection between art and industry. It will explore the future of manufacturing, digital fabrication and the creative potential of 3D printing, enabling Plummer Fernandez to develop work with the world-class facilities available at Fluxaxis - including 3D printing, 3D scanning, 5 axis CNC machining and 3D design.

His practice is specifically concerned with developing new software that expands on the possibilities of the 3D printing medium, and this new piece will demonstrate the sheer potential of digital manufacturing technology to create rich, complex forms at a massive range of scales.

You can find out more information about the Stage One Group and Fluxaxis via their websites: