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Strata, Rock, Dust, Stars

York Art Gallery
28 September 2018 – 6 January 2019

A landmark exhibition at York Art Gallery featuring moving image, new media and interactive artwork, Strata, Rock, Dust, Stars takes its inspiration from William Smith’s ground-breaking geological map Delineating Strata, which identified the layers of the Earth and transformed the way in which the world was understood. It will be the most ambitious and large scale media art exhibition York has ever hosted.

Co-commissioned between York Museums Trust and York Mediale, and curated by Mike Stubbs, Director of FACT, Liverpool, the exhibition features works by artists Isaac Julien, Agnes Meyer Brandis, Semi Conductor, Phil Coy, Liz Orton, David Jacques and Ryoichi Kurokawa. It examines not only geological strata, but also explores a timely and contemporary poetic layering of human curiosity, exploration and reflection on the universe.

‘The World is not a solid continent of facts sprinkled by a few lakes of uncertainties, but a vast ocean of uncertainties speckled by a few islands of calibrated and stabilised forms’ Bruno Latour, We have never been modern.

It will bring together artists and scientists in collaborations which investigate our own place in history. It will interrogate our unfolding and constantly evolving landscapes, asking the question: as natural explorers and map-makers, how can we use new data within a geological age to change behaviour and ultimately our environments?

The exhibition, which brings together the work of these internationally renowned artists for the first time, will premiere in York and will run in the City from 27th September 2018 until 6th January 2019, when it is planned to begin an international tour.