Absent Sitters 001


Absent Sitters


Multiple Times

Online performance

A virtual séance for culture in 2020

An unsettling portrayal of culture in 2020 and a reflection on what we’ve missed, Absent Sitters is a digitally abstracted online audiovisual experience.

Be transported from your chair and through your screen to explore the missing performance.

In this intimate, shared event, you will be guided by a performer medium to investigate what is live performance in 2020? Are we live? Can we connect? Who are you?

Absent Sitter


One of the UK’s most vital contemporary voices in electronic music – Gazelle Twin, in collaboration with artist and filmmaker, Kit Monkman and the University of York, Music Department (UoYMD), experiment with a new form of performance.

Taking part via video call, you will become part of an online audio-visual experience that examines the power of ‘collective imagination’ and the importance of ‘presence/absence’ in a live event.

Absent Sitters is brought to you as a world premiere by York Mediale. 

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Absent Sitters — York Mediale
Absent Sitters — York Mediale
Absent Sitters — York Mediale

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Absent Sitters — York Mediale

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