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Absent Sitter



For the optimal experience please use a
VR headset and headphones.

A seance of sound, light and imagination…. are you coming to see something or coming to be something?

On Saturday, September 11th at 8pm UK Time/9pm CET we’ll be linking up live with Ars Electronica 2021 as part of their UK Garden 2021 programme for a live VR performance of Absent Sitter. Join an invited live audience here in York (UK),  via your VR headset and headphones, for this very special audio-visual happening. Take your seat and complete the circle.

Absent Sitter — York Mediale

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Commissioned and developed by York Mediale, Absent Sitter is a digitally abstracted live alternative to touring, created by experimental musician, composer and performer, Gazelle Twin, immersive creative collective, KMA and sound artist Ben Eyes with the University of York Music Department.

The artwork explores the power of ‘collective imagination’ within an audience and the importance of ‘presence/absence’ in a live event. The research into the project has been ongoing since late 2019, with the prototype digital version being launched at York Mediale in October 2020.

The next iteration of the project debuts at Ars Electronica 2021 Festival and will bring together an intimate live audience with a dispersed digital audience in a genuinely new form of hybrid event, where the question of ‘who is performer and who is audience?’ will be brought into sharp focus.


Join us here on Saturday, September 11th at 8pm UK Time/9pm CET for the live performance.

Come…complete the circle.

Created by Gazelle Twin, KMA, Ben Eyes and The University of York Music Department

Lighting Design by Jason Hyne


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