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Observations On Being


Multiple Times

London Road Cemetery, Coventry

London Road Cemetery, London Road, Coventry, UK

An inspiring journey through Coventry’s Heritage park revealing our unity with nature.


“Breathing involves a continual oscillation between exhaling and inhaling, offering ourselves to the world at one moment and drawing the world into ourselves at the next…”

David Abram.

Observations On Being — York Mediale


Observations on Being is an exhibition of newly commissioned immersive experiences by Marshmallow Laser Feast, located throughout Paxton’s Arboretum within London Road Cemetery, Coventry. At the Heritage Park you will move in small groups through a series of outdoor multisensory installations that have been developed in conjunction with a number of extraordinary ecologists, writers and musicians.

Through music, poetic storytelling and compelling visuals, each experience on the journey invites you to explore your relationship with the natural world, revealing previously invisible layers of one of Coventry’s most beautiful settings. Follow the energy of the cosmos, from the Sun to the Earth, from ancient bacteria to towering forests and witness the moments when the out-breath of a plant becomes the in-breath of an animal. Step out of the everyday and expand your senses to discover the threads that link all living beings.


Observations On Being was created by Marshmallow Laser Feast, in collaboration with James Bulley and Natan Sinigaglia.

Observations on Being is suitable for all ages (recommended 8+).

Observations on Being is funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation. The Tides Within Us was originally supported and presented by York Museums Trust.

Observations on Being was commissioned by Coventry City of Culture Trust and produced in partnership with York Mediale. Presented in partnership with Historic Coventry Trust, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Coventry City Council.



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