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People We Love


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York Minster

York Minster, Deangate, York, UK

An invisible transaction of love

Beautiful, moving and timely, People We Love explores the invisible transaction between a person, a piece of art and that emotion which bonds us all. Love.

Five, floor mounted, high definition screens, set in the York Minster, exquisitely lit, they show a portrait of a York citizen.

Each person is gazing at a picture of someone they love. A picture you never see. Feel each unspoken story as the faces tell the tale of a person they love.

Created by York-based KMA, People We Love is brought to you as a world premiere by York Mediale 2020.

People We Love — York Mediale

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People We Love — York Mediale

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People We Love — York Mediale
People We Love — York Mediale

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