Q&A with local music promotors Harkirit and Joe — York Mediale


Q&A with local music promotors Harkirit and Joe

Every trailblazing act needs a soundtrack to match. The high-concept music line-up of the inaugural York Mediale owes much to the groundwork of local promoters Harkirit Boparai (Ouroboros), Joe Coates (Please Please You), alongside York house/techno stalwarts Bad Chapel.

We spoke to Harkirit and Joe about why the YM2018 music programme represents more than a series of one-off gigs – instead announcing the coming-of-age of York’s underground music scene and another milestone in the resurgence of community venue The Crescent.

Pearson Sound at The Crescent © York Mediale
Pearson Sound at The Crescent © York Mediale

What was your brief? Why these acts?

York Mediale advocated creative freedom for our choice of acts. Pearson Sound and Joy O have been experimenting at the forefront of UK underground electronic music for a decade, with a reputation for seamless transitions between genres and styles. We are also delighted to be working alongside Just Jam to bring Kamaal Williams and Moses Boyd to York – real pioneers of the rejuvenated London jazz movement.

What do you hope to bring to the programme?

We alway focus on bringing great music to York, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Partnership with York Mediale has empowered us to go even further with that.

How does this fit with the ethos and ambitions of The Crescent?

The Crescent is a labour of love – all about taking something old (est 1902) and showing that a dedicated team can reinterpret the space into something new; which also reflects York Mediale’s approach.

As somebody involved in York’s music scene for over a decade, how is this different?

It’s rare that a festival of this scale in York really tunes into the underground scene and seeks to work with local promoters to make their event a success.