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A SLAP Odyssey

5 October 2018

From the fringes of artistic performance to the fore, York’s leading performance art collective created immersive experience like no other in York Medical Society.

A SLAP Odyssey was a multi-sensory voyage into the unknown.

Participants were asked to enter with an open mind as they explored and interacted with the artwork created during the SLAPover creative laboratory. This intensive week-long residency took place in summer 2018 and gathered together artists to collaborate, develop and the devise brand new work.

Aaron Howell, Ali Matthews, Fran Bundey, Minyung Im and Roderick Morgan, along with SLAP’s Sophie Unwin and Lydia Cottrell, guided audience members through their alternative visions for tomorrow which took the form of experimental performance, live art, installation and sound.

The evening also included a specially-commissioned interactive theatre gaming experience by Closed Forum, probing the intersection of dreams, games, reality and anxiety.

A SLAP Odyssey was supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England. With further support from York Mediale and York St John University.