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Baba Yaga

October 2018

Lisa is running from someone, or something. Who, or what it is, she can’t quite tell. All she knows is that in the day- time it lurks around every corner, and at night it leaps through her dreams.

Developed by actor and director Hannah Davies, and sound design duo Jonathan Eato and Hannah Bruce, Baba Yaga was an immersive, site-specific audio experience based on an ancient Slovakian folk tale.

This short, work-in-progress, trailer piece used a thrilling combination of site-specific storytelling and immersive audio techniques, including binaural sound recordings, to create an atmospheric reimagining of this terrifying tale.

The car park, its stairwells, tiles, empty floors and compact curves to the exit, take on a claustrophobic character as Davies’s hushed voice leads you around the next corner, drawing you further into Baba Yaga’s lair.

Charles Hutchinson

Arts Editor, York Press

Baba Yaga — York Mediale
Baba Yaga — York Mediale

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