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Mechanical Techno

1 May 2019

To celebrate the official launch of XR Stories, we invited Mechanical Techno wizard, Graham Dunning and Leeds-based DJ Andrew Devine to perform at York’s 14th century listed building, The Hospitium.

Hailing from Derry in the north of Ireland, Andrew Devine has been making waves in the Leeds party scene for the past year. Nothing is off limits during his sets; you should expect to hear it all.

Experimental sound artist, Graham Dunning stunned the room with Mechanical Techno, a project that’s seen his experimentations go viral.

Graham has been playing objects and things other than records on turntables since 2009. By combining rhythms from different sources – like clocks, metal disks, broken cymbals and marbles – with stacks of vinyl, he creates a towering fusion of live mechanical techno.

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