Return — York Mediale



10th July - 1st August 2021

What would a world without borders look like?

Return invites you to explore these questions with your own body. Paired installations across the world use sensors to transform movement into reactions of light and sound, allowing you to interact with others across borders both physical and cultural.

This project will honour what has passed and enhance relationships between diaspora communities in the present through a series of installations connecting audiences on the African continent with audiences of African descent globally.


By developing enhanced emotional and cultural connections through creative technology, Return advances models for community collaboration and creates shared spaces for reflecting on identity narratives

Return is a hopeful place of rest for the dispersed global web of heritage of the transatlantic African. The piece uses creative technology to question identity narratives and explore the physical and social states of separation inherent in our world. 

Akeelah Bertram’s work investigates how we can facilitate meaningful connection across the globe, reflecting on the lived experiences of the Africa diaspora. 

Return — York Mediale
Return — York Mediale

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Return — York Mediale

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Presented as part of Yorkshire Sculpture International’s summer programme at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Return is brought to you as a 2021 world premiere, created by Akeelah Bertram & produced by York Mediale.

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