Unknown Cloud on its way to York — York Mediale


Unknown Cloud on its way to York

Unknown Cloud is a nomadic global phenomenon formed by the people who experience it.

Programmed to exist globally until 2057, the Cloud travel across national borders, large cities, remote villages, islands, mountains and across the sea.

By using new technology, Unknown Cloud explores ways of creating participation, trust and compassion; cornerstones of an engaged and human society.

Artists duo Lundahl & Seitl are the makers behind Unknown Cloud. Their mission is to use our everyday devices as a tool to reconnect with our own and other bodies, instead of allowing technology to disconnect us from the same.

The experience is brought to the participants by an app: Caretaker, which is developed by a newly developed and innovative tool called Nagoon, consisting of a complex 3-dimensional soundscape, which is connected to existing environments on location, and follows the movements of the planets in real time.

Being part of a ritual of 35 minutes, the users become aware of where they are in time and space – and of the others, who are performing the same ritual.


Unknown Cloud Caretaker was developed on the Geo Intel platform: Nagoon for iOS and Android.
Anthropologist: Erika Tanos (Curiosityshop)
Dramaturge & Co-Script writer: Rachel Alexander
Content strategist: Anna J Ljungmark (House of Real)
Video production: Joakim Olsson
Associate researcher: Ronald Jones (RCA, London)
Website: Development: Troels Ljung (workingimage.dk)
Design: Nandi Nobell
R&D Script writer: Alex Bäckström.