Rodrigo Lebrun - Green Screen Dreams at York Mediale 2018 © Sodium-019
Rodrigo Lebrun — York Mediale

Rodrigo Lebrun

Rodrigo Lebrun is a French-Brazilian artist living in London. His practice looks at conflicting narratives that have emerged with the popularisation of digital technology under neo-liberal doctrine.

The pervasiveness of both systems is the starting point through which he analyses their impact in society and individuals. His work deals with matters as diverse as financial crisis, consumption, nationalism, and ideologies, with an underlying critique of our faith in those systems, however imperfect they might be.

He believes we live in an era of broken realities in which multilayered fast-paced narratives have a numbing effect and work as the ultimate device of ideological indoctrination.

We buy brands that exploit slave labour, we use financial services that laundry money for drug-lords and we vote for politicians whose policies are influenced by multinational corporations, but it’s all fine as long as we have latest gadget, football and 25-day holiday allowance.

Stoicism and hard work have become the sole moral values and consumerism the prevailing signifier of one’s identity. Rodrigo’s former professional background in advertising gives him a privileged insight into human motivation, the build-up of identity through consumption and the narratives that disseminate different agendas.

Over this backdrop of instant reward vs long term collapse Rodrigo investigates the forces at play, what motivates us, and what are the alternatives to what Prof. Francis Fukuyama calls ‘The End of History’.

Theoretical research is an integral part of his practice, where he draws insights from themes ranging from popular culture, social-sciences, economics, philosophy, history, and even astronomy.

Rodrigo’s work has been exhibited in the UK, Italy, Estonia and Ireland. He’s also given talks and organised workshops in the UK, Brazil and Italy, and is currently a visiting lecturer at London College of Communication.

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