MOBILE MOON, Astronaut Training Method No. V, Moon Goose Colony, videostill, 2011 © Agnes Meyer-Brandis, VG-Bildkunst 2017

Agnes Meyer-Brandis | The Moon Goose Analogue


10:00am - 5:00pm

York Art Gallery, York, UK

In the documentary film The Moon Goose Colony, artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis (former geologist) develops an ongoing narrative based on the book The Man in the Moone, written by the English bishop Francis Godwin in 1638, in which the protagonist flies to the Moon in a chariot towed by moon geese.

Meyer-Brandis has actualised this concept by raising eleven moon geese from birth in Italy, giving them astronauts’ names, imprinting them on herself as goose-mother, training them to fly and taking them on expeditions and housing them in a remote Moon analogue habitat.

New concept Moon Core Samples (a hybrid similar to Elfscan technology) incorporating Moongoose research into fictitious interactive ‘mooncore’ samples alongside actual glacial earth core samples and activated through Line Scanning technology which Agnes has used in previous career as mineralologist.