Alexander Whitley Dance Company - Strange Stranger World Premiere at York Mediale 2018 © Sodium-008

Performance Partner

At York Mediale we are excited by the augmentation of live performance with new technologies. We have commissioned and supported artists to create radical new forms that reinvent the performing arts and address some of the challenges for stage based experiences.

Working with us as a partner is an amazing way to support artists, musicians and performers, and reaching large audiences with truly resonant experiences.

Case Study: Strange Stranger

Working with a wide range of sponsors and partners, including Sadler Wells Theatre and Queen Mary University in London, we commissioned and premiered the immersive dance piece Strange Stranger by Alexander Whitley Dance Company.

Alexander Whitley has received significant attention for his past works that have investigated the impact of technology, such as artificial intelligence, on contemporary human experience and his ground-breaking use of interactive technology to redefine the parameters of choreography.

“The relationship between the technology and the dance creates a new dimension, a shimmering world of light and shadow when nothing is quite what it seems… Whitley is mining a largely untapped seam of ideas, establishing and exploring his concept of digitally built dance.”