COVID-19 information for festival visitors — York Mediale


COVID-19 information for festival visitors

The team here at York Mediale, along with our partner venues across York, want all of our festival visitors to have an engaging, fun and most importantly, safe experience. To ensure the safety of our visitors, staff and volunteers, a range of measures will be in place.

York Mediale 2020 is set across multiple venues and locations. Therefore the steps taken to keep you safe will alter according to which event you attend. Please find links to the specific information for the event or events below.

COVID-19 information for festival visitors — York Mediale

Human Nature: This will take place at the York Art Gallery. Please click here to review the extensive measures they have in place.

People We Love: This will take place in the York Minster. Please click here to review all the measures they have in place. 

Good Neighbours: In line with current government guidance, we have implemented a range of measures to ensure the health and safety of our audiences and artists whilst taking part in Good Neighbours.

  • Audience members will be provided with the opportunity to use hand sanitizer at the start of the experience.
  • Any props given to audiences will be wiped with anti-bacterial before use and not re-used.
  • Audiences will be encouraged to use their own mobile device to take part in this experience.
  • All activity is situated outside, with no activity taking place within an enclosed space.
  • When audiences do engage with performers, it will be at a 1.5m distance with no touching and the performer wearing a face shield.
  • Participants will also be encouraged to wear a mask or may be provided with one if requested at the beginning of the experience.
  • Good Neighbours is designed to be a single person experience, so that only one audience member at one time will be active in the area. With scheduled time-slots that limit any chances of a build up of participants waiting to take part.
  • If participants do arrive early, we will mark areas which will keep them at a distance whilst they wait.
  • Rehearsals led by the artists will follow social distancing rules and Government recommendations at the time of rehearsals.

For up-to-date information from the York City Council on the COVID pandemic visit here

For up-to-date information from the NHS about the COVID pandemic visit here