Partners & Sponsors

The work we do is only possible because of our incredible network of partners.

From creative collaborators to generous supporters, we are forever grateful to those that come on the journey with us to make the festival and the city’s UNESCO status a badge of pride for York.

Whether your brand joins us with a package based on the categories below or a customised program designed especially for you, we can help you reach thousands of industry influencers, creatives, artists and decision makers.

Working with the team at York Mediale is about creating unforgettable experiences that will change perceptions of your brand and help you build new connections that will benefit your business.

Through events, activations, marketing and co-branding you can utilise an opportunity within the festival to inform, educate and connect with new audiences.

Sponsorship Packages

The Value to Your Organisation

York Mediale reaches public audiences in excess of 100,000 people, brings industry leaders from Art and Tech together and specialises in engaging young people between the ages of 16-35.

Boosting your brand

Brand recognition: work with us on events and activity that help you achieve more recognition in the marketplace. Prominence for your brand and its values in spaces full of people that belong to your target audience.

Brand position: utilise the demographic and attitude of the festival, by partnering or sponsoring an event that can realign your brand positioning.
Attract the attention and curiosity of our specialist audience.

Brand loyalty: use the festival to develop innovative interactions that reinforce your links with new audiences or existing customer bases to create genuine loyalty.

Lead Generation

Engage: use a Mediale event to secure real and meaningful engagement with new customers. Event sponsorship offers your brand a great opportunity to get face-to-face with real people.

Capture: work closely with Mediale to meet with attendees and capture data and evaluation for your events. From networking parties, to speaker opportunities to workshops and masterclasses that showcase your products. Any of which will help to fill a pipeline for business development and generate news leads which can lead to sales.

Internal marketing

Sponsoring or partnering with York Mediale can greatly benefit your own internal messaging. Publicly showing staff your commitment to your values. Involving your team in an Mediale event can show what kind of company you are. That you are collaborative, innovative and inclusive.

York Mediale 2018

Sponsors and partners in the realisation and delivery of the festival include: